I am so sad to
say that after 19 wonderful years I  have finished my MusiKids Classes

Thank you so much to the thousands of families who have made my life such a joy for so many years. There are MusiKids Kids playing in bands & orchestras, dancing and singing at Universities and on stages big and small up and down the country. I am truly blessed to have been in at the start of their musical journey and to have met you all.
Amanda xx
Please see below as my journey continues ...........


What am I up to now?

I am returning to my career as a professional singer. My husband Des and I will specialise in music from 1940's for Weddings, Parties, Tea Dances etc. See the Cloud 1940's link below for more info. 

I shall continue to offer one to one singing and guitar lessons in my studio at home and run my FeelGood Choir on Wednesday evenings at Bure Park School and Sing for Fun at Stratton Audley on Monday afternoons. See the Cloud 9 Music link below

I will also be branching in to singing therapy on a one to one basis or small groups, for adults and teenagers who are suffering with stress, anxiety, depression or just struggling and juggling the demands of modern life. Sessions will include stretching, mindful breathing and meditation as well as lots of singing to promote relaxation, confidence and build self worth and kindness to self.